Sardis Missionary Baptist Church – Headland (6.5 miles)

Sardis Missionary Baptist Church - Midland City, Alabama

Sardis Missionary Baptist Church - Midland City, AlabamaAnd upon this Rock I will build my Church and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

Are you in need of a church home that is spirit-filled, loving and inspiring to your soul? Then Sardis Missionary Baptist Church is the church you’re seeking.

Sardis Missionary Baptist Church is located 6.5 miles from the Headland Town Square.

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115 County Road 238
Headland, AL 36345-6486

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Phone: 334-693-5318

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  • Sunday Morning
    • 9:45 AM – Sunday School
    • 11:00 AM – Worship Service


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Lord You’re Holy by the Sardis Baptist Church choir

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The Sardis Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1929 under the inspired leadership of the late Rev. Edmund Alford, in what was formerly known as the now historical old Bradshaw School. As time progressed, and amiss much confusion and conflict between the Freewill Baptist and the Missionary Baptist, the Sardis Missionary Baptist Church emerged.

Located across from its present location in a small wooden structure, Sardis continued to fulfill her purpose as both a church and a Negro training school during the 30’s and 40’s.

And I will give you pastors, according to mine heart, which will fill you with knowledge and understanding. Jeremiah 3:15.

God in his omniscience manner directed many great men of God her way. Among those was the first pastor of Sardis Rev. Tombs. Under his leadership Sardis began to prosper, and through much prayer, faith, and diligence of the saints, a wooden structure was built. Later for unknown and undetermined reasons, the church burned to the ground. Nevertheless our God, not one to dwell in Houses of wood and clay, but in the heart of his people, This was an attempt of Satan which lead to the rebuilding of an even greater temple of worship with materials donated by the old Friendship Baptist Church which was located between Headland and Columbia Al. Later under the leadership of the second pastor, Rev. I.S. Blount of Jacobs, Florida the wooden structure was converted to the present block structure.

Sardis has been blessed indeed as God has directed many capable men of God to grace her presence. In 1995 Sardis called Reverend Wayne Lampley to serve as Pastor. Under his leadership Christian education ministries were strengthened and spiritual growth was experienced in many levels. In April 2011 Reverend Lampley resigned, and Reverend Vincent T. Owens was called as interim Pastor.

Especially noteworthy are the presence of many faithful women, who have given their time, prayers and energies in the rearing of families and the setting forth of virtuous examples. Many have long since journeyed from labor to reward. We have one living mother that is still with us, Sis. Lovie Lawrence.

Yes many are gone and as we cherish their memories, we acknowledge that each one has played a significant part in the Sardis Missionary Baptist Church history. And every contribution, both past and present, we are indeed grateful.

There has been however many transformations wrought within the church both spiritually and physically to get us where we are today. Under the leadership of Rev. J.D. Flowers, our present structure was modified increasing in dimension from 30×40 to 30×50 including upgrading of bathroom facilities, electric heating and cooling and baptism pool. Later new pews, floors, a kitchen and a fellowship hall were added as we labored to offer the Lord a worthy physical sanctuary.

Now, under the present leadership of Vincent T. Owens II, we are in the process of building a brand-new worship center that will sit next door to our current church.

The spirit has moved in many ways. The ministry of music and song has always stood out and yet stands as a sweet-smelling odor. We have had many gifted musicians.

We are indeed proud of the accomplishments wrought by our fathers. We give God thanks for his patience, kindness and compassion whose mercy and grace are without end. For Great is the Lord and Greatly to be praised.

Pray with us, the Sardis family that we continue to grow in Christ that God the Father may be glorified on Earth and man’s precious soul would long for his blessed presence.