Headland, Alabama
Headland, Alabama
Headland, Alabama

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religion-christian-protestant-church-of-christ1Churches of Christ are autonomous Christian congregations associated with one another through common beliefs and practices. They seek to base doctrine and practice on the Bible alone, and seek to be New Testament congregations as originally established by the authority of Christ. Historically, Churches of Christ in the United States were recognized as a distinct movement by the U.S. Religious Census of 1906. Prior to that they had been reported in the religious census as part of the movement that had its roots in the several independent movements that occurred through the leadership of people such as Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Walter Scott, and Barton W. Stone. They were active in American frontier settlements and cities. Those leaders had declared their independence from various denominations, seeking a fresh start to restore the New Testament church, and abandoning creeds. The names "Church of Christ," "Christian Church" and "Disciples of Christ" were adopted by the movement because they believed these terms to be biblical.[1]

Westgate Church of Christ - Dothan (12.2 miles)

Westgate Church of ChristMany professing Christians today think that membership in the universal church precludes the need for membership in the local church. The apostle Paul, however, takes the doctrine of membership in the universal church—the one “body of Christ” and uses it to spur believers to a greater commitment, unity and love toward their brethren at the local level.

Westgate Church of Christ is located 12.2 miles from the Headland Town Square.

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Honeysuckle Road Congregation - Dothan (13.5 miles)

Honeysuckle Road CongregationThe Honeysuckle Road Congregation is an assembly of Christians who have joined hearts and hands to work and worship together in the Dothan area. We have accepted the call of Christ to discipleship (2 Thess. 2:13-14), and have turned from our previous lives of self-service to new lives of service to Christ our King.

Honeysuckle Road Congregation is located 13.5 miles from the Headland Town Square.

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